My Facelift


Well I’m back up and running after the Christmas break. I have to say I quite missed all the hustle and bustle whilst everyone had their break. It was super busy on Christmas Eve then poof nothing and I was left all alone whilst everyone celebrated.


The girls came back to give me a much needed facelift between Christmas and the New Year. They had managed to pop so many holes in my walls I looked like a pin cushion! I was duly filled and painted and even if I do say so myself am looking terribly handsome again. Mr Vicarage Antiques & Salvage has been busy in my room at the back laying a new floor and adding some more wooden cladding. I am looking jolly dapper in there too now. I believe he is in today to add the finishing touches.


I have been doing a spot more eaves dropping whilst the girls were working (and eating chips let it be said!) I am sworn to secrecy but I did hear that they have some plans for “more stuff”. Enough said I don’t want them getting mad at me and punching me full of holes again! Suffice to say a lot of you will be jolly pleased!


Lots of our regulars have popped back in for a natter already and it sounds like you all had a fab break and received lots of gifts from No.38. I know a lot of you ladies will have received some superb jewellery, well where do you think your gentlemen friends went on Christmas Eve?


Well it looks set to be a dreary January doesn’t it? Why not pop in to see me in all my new found glory? I hear there is a sale on too so how can you resist?



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