Catch up time

It’s me again popping in to say hi! I’m looking splendid inside so do pop in and take a peek at all the lovely stock the girls and the traders have gathered together. Every time I check my rooms out I’m amazed as it’s all changed again.

I overheard one of the girls chatting to a couple of customers and explaining how it all works inside my four walls. Did you know that lots of tiny, small, independent businesses have spaces inside me so they can sell their goodies? The girls check out everyone who wants a space and only the very best are chosen for you, but you probably already knew that if you’ve visited me. Many of these small businesses have spaces at other shops too like Afterglow in Olney, The Old Bakehouse in Northampton and Vintage Retreat also in Northampton. 

When you buy something from them they really do dance a happy dance! Some of the traders do craft and vintage fairs and have travelled as far as Aberdeen! They also travel the country and even pop across the channel to source the goodies. They then clean, restore, renovate and upcycle them before bringing them into me. So you see lots of love, sweat and hard work has gone into every single item. The handmade items are done entirely by that person working into the late hours and for many they have “proper” jobs so they can support this.

So you see by popping into me instead of trekking to a big retailer means you keep them all going. At No.38 you can find just about anything you could want from furniture to soap, candles to pictures, gifts to notebooks, handmade jewellery to Art Deco rings, antiques, curios, collectables, art and more.

Did you hear about the forties event in June? Well how about a frock or a tweed jacket for it? The girls also have ration books and ID cards as well as militaria, accessories, jewellery from the forties, Kelly bags, recipe books and more. Check out the event online I hear there’s lots going on and my buddies up and down the high street are getting involved too so we will all have a forties makeover with our windows taped, bunting, window displays etc how jolly exciting! 

Rightio I’m off before the girls open my doors and let you lovely lot in……toodle pip x


All Loved Up!

Hello folks it’s me again. How could I resist wishing all my favourite people a Happy Valentines? For a building I don’t get around much but I see plenty and eaves drop on lots! Everyone inside me has been busy getting some lovely bits n bobs ready for Valentines, love is definitely in the air! Hearts are popping up everywhere including my front window. Chaps and chapesses if you have forgotten you do still have time. I think it’s nice that by buying from my gorgeous No.38 traders who reside within my walls your money goes to them and not one of those big conglomerates (big word from a small building did I impress you?)

I hear we have some fabulous new traders too. We sadly lost Davina who moved on to do a new job and I know plenty of you are missing her gorgeous handmade silver jewellery but we wish her well….she has an amazing talent and hopefully she will pick up her tools again. The Katz Whiskers have joined the girls upstairs with some amazing vintage goodies from the forties and fifties. At the mo we have kitchenalia but they tell the girls they have plenty more to come. They travel to America to get some of it too so it’s quite a selection. 

Quince England joined us and boy do I like this stuff! It gorgeous handmade silver and brass jewellery all very unique and I’m told perfectly priced. You can find her in our haberdashery cabinet. Fork Bangleman has moved to a cubby hole so you try on all the rings, bangles and necklaces at your leisure. Sew inspiring who used to be in Tickford Arcade have also joined us upstairs so you can still grab some of Kate’s amazing goodies.

The girls went shopping and brought back some gorgeous goodies which seem to be super popular. The chaise went flying out the door, followed by some footstools too. 

The fabulous Frenchic Furniture Paint is selling well I’m guessing you’re sprucing up your homes. The girls are great at helping with advice on how to use it and what colours work well so do ask if you’re unsure at anytime. They are also happy to source items for you if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Allium in the back room has a range of garden furniture as well as all the other outdoorsy stuff so do pop in for a peep it saves a trek to the garden centre. Did you know she also does floristry and is a whizz at wedding flowers? Just pick up a card and contact her for a chat and a quote.

A little birds tells me we have a range of toys coming in soon from Sparkle at Home so watch the girls Facebook page for this. Gosh it all happens so fast here and as I have heard many of the girls customers say “if you snooze you lose”. Well it’s nearly time for one of the girls to arrive and open me up so I better get spruced up ready don’t want her tickling me again with that blooming feather duster it doesn’t half tickle! Ta ra peeps xxxx

Happy New Year Peeps!

Gosh I have been so naughty and not written my little piece on here for a while! I have thoroughly told myself off now but do feel free to have a word with me when you next pop inside my doors!

Christmas was a busy old time inside me and I was stuffed full of gorgeous goodies from all the lovely independent small businesses that make up my insides! The lovely folks of Newport Pagnell were really supportive and did lots of their Christmas shopping here. I smelt gorgeous too I hope you all noticed a mixture of Christmas spice and patchouli oil!

I had a good old spruce up before the girls opened me up for the sale in the new year. I should probably mention it’s just about over now with just a few bits n bobs left.

Hasn’t it been chilly recently I’ve been shivering in my timbers but very cosy inside. The heating seems to be working well now even if the girls do just press everyone of my buttons in the hope something comes on!

My resident ghost was a bit busy recently and seems to have taken a dislike to some of the beard stuff and chucks it on the floor every now and again. Freaks the girls out but I find it rather funny when they go searching to see what caused the clonk. 

A new year always sees some changes in an emporium like me and the girls have had a few new traders joining them with lots of exciting products. Have you seen the amazing fork bracelets and spoon rings yet?

My Dog Charlie has joined us with a mix of vintage and handmade goodies. Sew Inspiring have also taken a shelf upstairs which is fabulous for all of you that were sad when you heard her shop was closing. 

Twinkle n Things has just grown too and now has the most amazing shelf just under Retro Donkey. All or Nothing are upstairs and have some fabulous stock for all you boys and girls. 

I heard the girls chatting too and not being one to gossip I can’t possibly reveal the news…….oh go on then. Katz Whiskers are moving in with some wonderful vintage items plus Threads from the Shed who were at Sew Inspiring are joining the girls too. That makes 38 small businesses at No.38.

Anyway I think I have more than made up for my quietness now and spread all the goss from inside my walls. Do pop in and see how wonderful I am (modest too). Grab a coffee and have a browse whilst listening to vintage music. Believe me my insides are changing all the time with stock coming and going. Ok that’s it folks it’s Sunday so I’m shut and I can have a chill before manic Monday! Toodle pip xxx

General Chitter Chatter


Well as I’m sure you all know I’m busy blogging my way through the list of traders that the girls have within me! I’m getting there gradually so hopefully you’re finding out a little bit more of what makes up my insides! Seeing as it’s coming up to Christmas though I feel a more general blog coming on today so here goes….


For those of you that are new to this blog I am No.38 High Street a lovely 16th Century building in the heart of Newport Pagnell. I’ve been around a long time so have seen some changes but I like this one the best where I am now a vintage emporium.

No 38
Neil’s Photograph

I can honestly say there is never a dull moment here with something going on all the time. The girls never seem to stop and the traders are constantly arriving with new stock. I’m quite lucky really as I get new goodies inside me nearly everyday. They don’t stay long though as the lovely people of Newport Pagnell and the surrounding areas seem to like what we have to offer. I am always hearing lovely compliments to the girls about the shop, the top one being that it’s the best thing to happen in Newport Pagnell!


The girls are getting visitors from far and wide now and I know of a few who have it on there list of must visit places when they come to England! The girls have so many regulars popping in now it’s unbelievable. Some come for a chat and a browse, others because they have seen something they just have to have. You do have to be quick though if you see something as more often than not it will have gone by tomorrow.


The girls are very active on all the social media sites too, in my day it was a bell and a town crier but hey ho what do I know at my grand old age? I was so proud too when they made it to the final of the National Vintage Awards. Since then they have written articles for vintage magazines, appeared in newspapers, helped with charity events and even been on the wireless. Pheweeee…..


My windows always look splendid and I believe are very eye catching. I must admit to noticing those other buildings around me trying to emulate the style I now have.


Christmas has been super busy inside me and I appear to be covered in glitter as does everyone who leaves through my doors. It’s great that there is now a shop where you can buy original, one off, different and exciting items in Newport Pagnell. Many people are indeed doing all their Christmas shopping with me.


I am sure the girls have plenty of plans for the future so I will be eaves dropping (tee hee little joke there) and let you in on what is happening. If you would like a full list of the traders inside me then pop to the website

To keep up to date with new stock the girls tell me it’s best to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They also tweet about any new news too.


Anyway I’m finishing off now as I need to get ready for one of the girls to open my doors for another fabulous day of visitors……toodle pip xxx