Catch up time

It’s me again popping in to say hi! I’m looking splendid inside so do pop in and take a peek at all the lovely stock the girls and the traders have gathered together. Every time I check my rooms out I’m amazed as it’s all changed again.

I overheard one of the girls chatting to a couple of customers and explaining how it all works inside my four walls. Did you know that lots of tiny, small, independent businesses have spaces inside me so they can sell their goodies? The girls check out everyone who wants a space and only the very best are chosen for you, but you probably already knew that if you’ve visited me. Many of these small businesses have spaces at other shops too like Afterglow in Olney, The Old Bakehouse in Northampton and Vintage Retreat also in Northampton. 

When you buy something from them they really do dance a happy dance! Some of the traders do craft and vintage fairs and have travelled as far as Aberdeen! They also travel the country and even pop across the channel to source the goodies. They then clean, restore, renovate and upcycle them before bringing them into me. So you see lots of love, sweat and hard work has gone into every single item. The handmade items are done entirely by that person working into the late hours and for many they have “proper” jobs so they can support this.

So you see by popping into me instead of trekking to a big retailer means you keep them all going. At No.38 you can find just about anything you could want from furniture to soap, candles to pictures, gifts to notebooks, handmade jewellery to Art Deco rings, antiques, curios, collectables, art and more.

Did you hear about the forties event in June? Well how about a frock or a tweed jacket for it? The girls also have ration books and ID cards as well as militaria, accessories, jewellery from the forties, Kelly bags, recipe books and more. Check out the event online I hear there’s lots going on and my buddies up and down the high street are getting involved too so we will all have a forties makeover with our windows taped, bunting, window displays etc how jolly exciting! 

Rightio I’m off before the girls open my doors and let you lovely lot in……toodle pip x