Happy New Year Peeps!

Gosh I have been so naughty and not written my little piece on here for a while! I have thoroughly told myself off now but do feel free to have a word with me when you next pop inside my doors!

Christmas was a busy old time inside me and I was stuffed full of gorgeous goodies from all the lovely independent small businesses that make up my insides! The lovely folks of Newport Pagnell were really supportive and did lots of their Christmas shopping here. I smelt gorgeous too I hope you all noticed a mixture of Christmas spice and patchouli oil!

I had a good old spruce up before the girls opened me up for the sale in the new year. I should probably mention it’s just about over now with just a few bits n bobs left.

Hasn’t it been chilly recently I’ve been shivering in my timbers but very cosy inside. The heating seems to be working well now even if the girls do just press everyone of my buttons in the hope something comes on!

My resident ghost was a bit busy recently and seems to have taken a dislike to some of the beard stuff and chucks it on the floor every now and again. Freaks the girls out but I find it rather funny when they go searching to see what caused the clonk. 

A new year always sees some changes in an emporium like me and the girls have had a few new traders joining them with lots of exciting products. Have you seen the amazing fork bracelets and spoon rings yet?

My Dog Charlie has joined us with a mix of vintage and handmade goodies. Sew Inspiring have also taken a shelf upstairs which is fabulous for all of you that were sad when you heard her shop was closing. 

Twinkle n Things has just grown too and now has the most amazing shelf just under Retro Donkey. All or Nothing are upstairs and have some fabulous stock for all you boys and girls. 

I heard the girls chatting too and not being one to gossip I can’t possibly reveal the news…….oh go on then. Katz Whiskers are moving in with some wonderful vintage items plus Threads from the Shed who were at Sew Inspiring are joining the girls too. That makes 38 small businesses at No.38.

Anyway I think I have more than made up for my quietness now and spread all the goss from inside my walls. Do pop in and see how wonderful I am (modest too). Grab a coffee and have a browse whilst listening to vintage music. Believe me my insides are changing all the time with stock coming and going. Ok that’s it folks it’s Sunday so I’m shut and I can have a chill before manic Monday! Toodle pip xxx

My Facelift


Well I’m back up and running after the Christmas break. I have to say I quite missed all the hustle and bustle whilst everyone had their break. It was super busy on Christmas Eve then poof nothing and I was left all alone whilst everyone celebrated.


The girls came back to give me a much needed facelift between Christmas and the New Year. They had managed to pop so many holes in my walls I looked like a pin cushion! I was duly filled and painted and even if I do say so myself am looking terribly handsome again. Mr Vicarage Antiques & Salvage has been busy in my room at the back laying a new floor and adding some more wooden cladding. I am looking jolly dapper in there too now. I believe he is in today to add the finishing touches.


I have been doing a spot more eaves dropping whilst the girls were working (and eating chips let it be said!) I am sworn to secrecy but I did hear that they have some plans for “more stuff”. Enough said I don’t want them getting mad at me and punching me full of holes again! Suffice to say a lot of you will be jolly pleased!


Lots of our regulars have popped back in for a natter already and it sounds like you all had a fab break and received lots of gifts from No.38. I know a lot of you ladies will have received some superb jewellery, well where do you think your gentlemen friends went on Christmas Eve?


Well it looks set to be a dreary January doesn’t it? Why not pop in to see me in all my new found glory? I hear there is a sale on too so how can you resist?