Gosh time flies by so fast here in Newport Pagnell. The forties weekend has been and gone and didn’t all we buildings look super? Our windows were taped and bunting put out. Some amazing window displays too. I’m proud to say my girls won the best dressed window competition so I’ve been bragging a bit to my neighbours. It was a super event with the whole town joining in and everyone getting dressed up too. The girls opened my doors at 9am and the lovely customers just flooded in. Many came for a last minute outfit from Maggie Ann Vintage upstairs, others for genuine ration books and some just for a peep inside me.

I have had a bit of drama too which isn’t brilliant when you’re as old as me (I date back to the 1600’s). All that rain, yes hard to imagine now I know, caused a leak in my little side bit and I seem to have got a soggy ceiling which spread down the walls! Luckily the girls spotted my mishap and had lots of galvanised buckets and tubs to catch my drips. The outcome is that I have been propped up in that area and am awaiting for all those important peeps to make a decision on how best to fix my broken bits. I’m pleased to say the rest of me is unscathed. 

Both girls have had a bit of a holiday so I have had some gorgeous ladies in taking charge and great fun it was too. I behaved myself and didn’t pop any fuses plus my ghostly tenants remained asleep during the day! Well we didn’t want to scare anyone off did we by moving a few items around! 

The girls have run an advert in one of their industries magazines ‘Reloved’ and obviously I feature in it looking my tip top self too. The girls have a huge social media following but are hoping this will get us known about further afield. They plan to feature in the magazine next month too which is terribly exciting. 

It’s the carnival in Newport Pagnell this weekend, I do enjoy the parade but must look out for those water pistols especially as I will just have had my windows cleaned. They do take care of me those girls and I can’t believe we are heading towards three years of our union. Life is never dull with me so do pop in and take a gander at my two floors of stunning Vintage and Handmade items they change all the time. Anyway toodle pip for now.