Gosh time flies by so fast here in Newport Pagnell. The forties weekend has been and gone and didn’t all we buildings look super? Our windows were taped and bunting put out. Some amazing window displays too. I’m proud to say my girls won the best dressed window competition so I’ve been bragging a bit to my neighbours. It was a super event with the whole town joining in and everyone getting dressed up too. The girls opened my doors at 9am and the lovely customers just flooded in. Many came for a last minute outfit from Maggie Ann Vintage upstairs, others for genuine ration books and some just for a peep inside me.

I have had a bit of drama too which isn’t brilliant when you’re as old as me (I date back to the 1600’s). All that rain, yes hard to imagine now I know, caused a leak in my little side bit and I seem to have got a soggy ceiling which spread down the walls! Luckily the girls spotted my mishap and had lots of galvanised buckets and tubs to catch my drips. The outcome is that I have been propped up in that area and am awaiting for all those important peeps to make a decision on how best to fix my broken bits. I’m pleased to say the rest of me is unscathed. 

Both girls have had a bit of a holiday so I have had some gorgeous ladies in taking charge and great fun it was too. I behaved myself and didn’t pop any fuses plus my ghostly tenants remained asleep during the day! Well we didn’t want to scare anyone off did we by moving a few items around! 

The girls have run an advert in one of their industries magazines ‘Reloved’ and obviously I feature in it looking my tip top self too. The girls have a huge social media following but are hoping this will get us known about further afield. They plan to feature in the magazine next month too which is terribly exciting. 

It’s the carnival in Newport Pagnell this weekend, I do enjoy the parade but must look out for those water pistols especially as I will just have had my windows cleaned. They do take care of me those girls and I can’t believe we are heading towards three years of our union. Life is never dull with me so do pop in and take a gander at my two floors of stunning Vintage and Handmade items they change all the time. Anyway toodle pip for now.

Catch up time

It’s me again popping in to say hi! I’m looking splendid inside so do pop in and take a peek at all the lovely stock the girls and the traders have gathered together. Every time I check my rooms out I’m amazed as it’s all changed again.

I overheard one of the girls chatting to a couple of customers and explaining how it all works inside my four walls. Did you know that lots of tiny, small, independent businesses have spaces inside me so they can sell their goodies? The girls check out everyone who wants a space and only the very best are chosen for you, but you probably already knew that if you’ve visited me. Many of these small businesses have spaces at other shops too like Afterglow in Olney, The Old Bakehouse in Northampton and Vintage Retreat also in Northampton. 

When you buy something from them they really do dance a happy dance! Some of the traders do craft and vintage fairs and have travelled as far as Aberdeen! They also travel the country and even pop across the channel to source the goodies. They then clean, restore, renovate and upcycle them before bringing them into me. So you see lots of love, sweat and hard work has gone into every single item. The handmade items are done entirely by that person working into the late hours and for many they have “proper” jobs so they can support this.

So you see by popping into me instead of trekking to a big retailer means you keep them all going. At No.38 you can find just about anything you could want from furniture to soap, candles to pictures, gifts to notebooks, handmade jewellery to Art Deco rings, antiques, curios, collectables, art and more.

Did you hear about the forties event in June? Well how about a frock or a tweed jacket for it? The girls also have ration books and ID cards as well as militaria, accessories, jewellery from the forties, Kelly bags, recipe books and more. Check out the event online I hear there’s lots going on and my buddies up and down the high street are getting involved too so we will all have a forties makeover with our windows taped, bunting, window displays etc how jolly exciting! 

Rightio I’m off before the girls open my doors and let you lovely lot in……toodle pip x

All Loved Up!

Hello folks it’s me again. How could I resist wishing all my favourite people a Happy Valentines? For a building I don’t get around much but I see plenty and eaves drop on lots! Everyone inside me has been busy getting some lovely bits n bobs ready for Valentines, love is definitely in the air! Hearts are popping up everywhere including my front window. Chaps and chapesses if you have forgotten you do still have time. I think it’s nice that by buying from my gorgeous No.38 traders who reside within my walls your money goes to them and not one of those big conglomerates (big word from a small building did I impress you?)

I hear we have some fabulous new traders too. We sadly lost Davina who moved on to do a new job and I know plenty of you are missing her gorgeous handmade silver jewellery but we wish her well….she has an amazing talent and hopefully she will pick up her tools again. The Katz Whiskers have joined the girls upstairs with some amazing vintage goodies from the forties and fifties. At the mo we have kitchenalia but they tell the girls they have plenty more to come. They travel to America to get some of it too so it’s quite a selection. 

Quince England joined us and boy do I like this stuff! It gorgeous handmade silver and brass jewellery all very unique and I’m told perfectly priced. You can find her in our haberdashery cabinet. Fork Bangleman has moved to a cubby hole so you try on all the rings, bangles and necklaces at your leisure. Sew inspiring who used to be in Tickford Arcade have also joined us upstairs so you can still grab some of Kate’s amazing goodies.

The girls went shopping and brought back some gorgeous goodies which seem to be super popular. The chaise went flying out the door, followed by some footstools too. 

The fabulous Frenchic Furniture Paint is selling well I’m guessing you’re sprucing up your homes. The girls are great at helping with advice on how to use it and what colours work well so do ask if you’re unsure at anytime. They are also happy to source items for you if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Allium in the back room has a range of garden furniture as well as all the other outdoorsy stuff so do pop in for a peep it saves a trek to the garden centre. Did you know she also does floristry and is a whizz at wedding flowers? Just pick up a card and contact her for a chat and a quote.

A little birds tells me we have a range of toys coming in soon from Sparkle at Home so watch the girls Facebook page for this. Gosh it all happens so fast here and as I have heard many of the girls customers say “if you snooze you lose”. Well it’s nearly time for one of the girls to arrive and open me up so I better get spruced up ready don’t want her tickling me again with that blooming feather duster it doesn’t half tickle! Ta ra peeps xxxx

Happy New Year Peeps!

Gosh I have been so naughty and not written my little piece on here for a while! I have thoroughly told myself off now but do feel free to have a word with me when you next pop inside my doors!

Christmas was a busy old time inside me and I was stuffed full of gorgeous goodies from all the lovely independent small businesses that make up my insides! The lovely folks of Newport Pagnell were really supportive and did lots of their Christmas shopping here. I smelt gorgeous too I hope you all noticed a mixture of Christmas spice and patchouli oil!

I had a good old spruce up before the girls opened me up for the sale in the new year. I should probably mention it’s just about over now with just a few bits n bobs left.

Hasn’t it been chilly recently I’ve been shivering in my timbers but very cosy inside. The heating seems to be working well now even if the girls do just press everyone of my buttons in the hope something comes on!

My resident ghost was a bit busy recently and seems to have taken a dislike to some of the beard stuff and chucks it on the floor every now and again. Freaks the girls out but I find it rather funny when they go searching to see what caused the clonk. 

A new year always sees some changes in an emporium like me and the girls have had a few new traders joining them with lots of exciting products. Have you seen the amazing fork bracelets and spoon rings yet?

My Dog Charlie has joined us with a mix of vintage and handmade goodies. Sew Inspiring have also taken a shelf upstairs which is fabulous for all of you that were sad when you heard her shop was closing. 

Twinkle n Things has just grown too and now has the most amazing shelf just under Retro Donkey. All or Nothing are upstairs and have some fabulous stock for all you boys and girls. 

I heard the girls chatting too and not being one to gossip I can’t possibly reveal the news…….oh go on then. Katz Whiskers are moving in with some wonderful vintage items plus Threads from the Shed who were at Sew Inspiring are joining the girls too. That makes 38 small businesses at No.38.

Anyway I think I have more than made up for my quietness now and spread all the goss from inside my walls. Do pop in and see how wonderful I am (modest too). Grab a coffee and have a browse whilst listening to vintage music. Believe me my insides are changing all the time with stock coming and going. Ok that’s it folks it’s Sunday so I’m shut and I can have a chill before manic Monday! Toodle pip xxx

Two Years

Well it will be two years on the 11th of October since the girls flung open my fabulous doors to you lovely lot! It’s been said (as having eaves I do tend to eaves drop!) that No.38 (me) has made a big difference to Newport Pagnell High Street. The girls have certainly put a heap of effort into my body work as well as all the gorgeous traders they invite to join then. I am just about full to my roof with small independent businesses striving to give you all a vast selection of goodies at reasonable prices. All these lovely people are in and out of my doors restocking their shelves, areas etc so it always looks fresh and exciting.

I thought I might give you all a little recap of our journey so far. The girls got the keys on the 19 September 2014 and set themselves a target of being fully stocked and open by the 11th October. The girls and their hubbies plus assorted children literally attacked my insides. You see I was a bridal shop previously so my walls were covered in mirrors and rails. Anyway once I was just about sorted inside the girls invited lots of lovely people that they had met on the vintage circuit to come and have a peep at the spaces they were renting out. Very soon I was full and a waiting list was in my drawers. Local newspapers and magazines wrote articles and the Mayor cut the ribbon and opened my doors on the Friday to a little preview party (yes there was prosecco!).

Saturday saw live music and a mountain of customers all wanting to see what this strange place was that had opened in their High Street was all about. The girls passed the test and I was approved of. Word spread and I became (still am) a jolly popular place to shop, browse, chat, eat cake and drink coffee. After six months of being open the girls were nominated for the National Vintage Awards and made it to the final for best breakthrough business, wow! 

This was followed by being in the final for independent retailer in the Milton Keynes Business Achievent Awards. The girls celebrated six months of opening with an ice cream shack being set up inside me and giving out free ice cream and live music, a photobooth and plenty of discounts. 

One year saw another party with Buck’s Fizz for everyone, music and games, goodies bags and customers in vintage attire. Everyone joined in and the support for the emporium was and still is amazing.

I got another little revamp including my outsides this time and boy do I look fab. So we are coming up to two years on the High Street and your support for the girls and the emporium has been amazing. The girls tell me that you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram where they post new stock as it comes in, you can chat on Twitter or visit the website. You can write a review on Trip Advisor. They have links on the website to all the little businesses inside me so you can check them out too! Next stop Christmas so please do support us and shop local!

Toodle Pip for now xxx


Gosh it’s nice to get back to normal. The girls have been coming and going all through the holidays I just never knew who might turn up. Still I guess even they are allowed a holiday. I’ve had terrific fun with Mrs Top Step Antiques in charge for a lot of the summer holidays. Loads of lovely people came to shop and left with bags of goodies off the shelf. One little customer came in for a browse with her Nan and left with three complete outfits including those lovely floaty petticoats from Maggie Ann Vintage.

Mrs Top Step even had to redo one of my windows as you lovely folk managed to empty it! The girls have had some new traders arriving too. Lucy with her true vintage goods has taken on the shelf below Tangled Vines candles. Sugar Hill has expanded and moved to a bigger area to include furniture. Blue Butterfly has joined us upstairs and wow just wow, what fabulous goodies. June Elizabeth is arriving imminently with a range of reasonably priced,beautiful cushions. Mr Pip Goes Solo has taken over the gents clothing with a range of tweed jackets, including Harris and Burberry, hats, braces and ties too. The Outhouse has spread it’s wings too and now includes some amazing furniture.

It’s coming up to two years when the girls were first given the keys to my doors and started to get me ready to become the emporium I am today. What a transformation I have had. I am now a jolly popular shopping venue and many peoples favourite! I have even had visitors who knew me in a previous time as Clare’s and Upstairs Downstairs. The girls were told all sorts about me (some of it I had hoped to keep secret!) especially my friendly ghosts who keep me company at night once the girls have locked me up.

The girls took the emporium to Milton Keynes Museum last weekend and stood at the 40’s event. They had a jolly nice time and made lots of new friends and some super useful contacts I hear too! They both dressed up too. I hadn’t realised they had legs! Lovely dresses though.

Right enough from me one of them is about to arrive and shove Henry the Hoover around before I open. See you all later, toodle pip xxx

More of us!


Hello one and all. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet of late, no excuses at all just enjoying the sunshine on my roof! Right to business then what has been going on inside my walls? A few changes, moves, new arrivals have been happening or are about to happen. Artistitch Design has joined us in the cubby holes downstairs and we’ll just wow! You should see the work that goes into her lovely handmade goods. Well worth a peep folks. Superb presents too if you’re looking for something unique.


Sugar Hill are going to be taking on a larger space in August so she will be moving from her shelf under Tangled Vine the candles to by the window upstairs. We are so excited to be getting some more beautifully restored furniture in.


The Outhouse in amongst the minor issue of getting married moved into a larger space just before the ceremony! Cheeky monkey then went on honeymoon and the girls sold his stock!


Grace Face Boutique has been having a sale with her beautiful handmade adult dresses, just a few left if you fancy owning one of the best made dresses around.


Vintage Daisy moved in downstairs with her lovely mix of vintage style and true vintage goodies. Proving very popular too and so beautifully displayed. She also has her own place – The Little Grey Shepherds Hut at The Yards in Kettering so do pop over for a shop.


Nicholas & Steele restock most weeks in their fabulous back room but beware they seem to bring a tonne of rain with them lol! The girls tell me it’s well worth following them on Instagram and Facebook as they sometimes have table top sales of all their gorgeousness.


Mercer & Rose are now in place in our cubbyholes and again it’s all just sooooo beautiful. Pop in and take a gander.


Mr Pip Goes Solo is taking over the gents clothing upstairs in August and promises us tweed jackets including Burberry and Harris Tweed, hats from flat caps to top hats, braces, ties, cravats and more. Watch this space.


We have a few more new businesses in the pipeline too so keep an eye on the girls Facebook and Instagram pages. Remember you can tweet them too (personally I thought that was just up to the pigeons on my roof but hey ho!?!!!)


Lastly I’ve realised not everyone knows that the emporium is actually made up of over 30 different, independent small businesses all trading under the same roof. So when you support us you are supporting a number of people in the local community. The girls have put links on the website to the different businesses so it’s well worth a click to find out who makes No.38 so special. Ta ra for now folks…….

Me Again Folks!

It’s me again, No.38 popping by to catch you all up on the latest happenings at the emporium. June has got off to an amazing start for the girls and their traders after a quieter May. The weather seems to affect you lovely lot and you don’t want to pop out to play in the rain! Can’t think why you wouldn’t brave the torrential storms we have had? I stand in it all the time with just my lovely tiled roof for cover!


One of the girls has just returned from a well earned family break in the sun so the fabulous Mrs Top Step Antiques stepped in for holiday cover and was working her little socks off. She will defo need a holiday too after her extra days at the emporium. She was buzzing round sorting all you lovely peeps out. It seems you have all been loving the girls window display so much you’ve practically bought it all which meant Mrs Top Step was climbing in and out of the window for you all hehe!


I have been noticing some new faces popping in and out of my doors recently it would seem the girls have been joined by several new traders with a few more still in the pipeline. Small Wonders has arrived in our cubby holes and is proving jolly popular too. Her pictures are amazing. All based on the Cornish seaside too, with shells, driftwood, hand stitching etc.


Mabels Vintage has taken on a larger area upstairs and again it’s looking wonderful with a mix of something for everyone from furniture to haberdashery, China to crates.


Laura Slade Art has just joined us too. A very talented local artist. She can be found to the right of the till as you enter the shop.


Mercer & Rose are set to join us later in the month too.


Knicker Drawer Notebooks have joined us upstairs and the girls tell me that everyone needs to own one of these! Pop in for a gander.


The lovely Utterly Clutterly has taken on a little more space upstairs too. She has spread across onto my window sill upstairs.


Holly Blue Handmade Jewellery has stretched across the haberdashery counter downstairs and has some gorgeous handmade cufflinks and collar stiffeners in, perfect for Father’s Day too.


Grace Face Boutique has had a revamp and we have opened her space up a little more. Mr Pip helped out and bashed a bit of me away!


In all its been a pretty busy start to June. Coffee and cakes are enjoyed on a Friday especially by our adorable postman who pops in for a takeaway! Downstairs had a bit of doing up session and I’ve had a wash and brush up! Anyway enough from me I’m being got ready (terrible grammar sorry folks) to open my doors for a fabulous day ahead. I did hear that some of the lovely people who make my insides what they are today are popping in for a restock so watch the girls Facebook page to see all the new goodies. Toodle pip until next time….

Me Again…..

Hello you lovely people, yes it’s me No.38 as I’m called amongst those who have got to know me and I thought it was time to fill you in with all the happenings inside my solid little walls!


First things first I am now soooo cosy. Why? Well the fabulous landlord took pity on the girls and updated the heating. Between you and me it’s taken them a while to suss out the controls but I think they’ve got it now.


Ok so enough about the boring bits here’s the gossip. The fabulous Nicholas & Steele are busy as we speak decorating my little back room ready to move their goodies in. I have had a sneaky peek and boy is it going to be good. Naughty Mrs Nicholas & Steele keeps selling it all before it’s got here but Mr Nicholas & Steele also known as Mr Once Around the Block is keeping his beady eye on the proceedings!


Sugar Hill Living are joining us on Friday upstairs just below the Tangled Vine candles. The girls are really excited about this and Mrs Sugar Hill is just so lovely too. She promises lots of gorgeous items and has been preparing them to bring in.


I also hear that Small Wonders is joining the girls downstairs in one of the cubby holes by the till. Her pictures are truly inspiring and she is also in our other favourite shop Afterglow in Olney.


The fabulous limited edition prints from Planet Cow are still going well. One is in my stairwell if you fancy seeing it in the flesh so to speak. All the amazing traders are constantly popping in through my doors to restock so there is never a dull moment here. You never know what you may find but I can guarantee that if you don’t buy it when you see it then it will be gone the next time you visit!


The girls are now also the local stockists for Parlane and I hear they went on a “jolly” to visit the showroom in the Cotswolds. They came back having bought lots of terrific items that will be arriving soon plus they even ordered Christmas bits n bobs (what’s that all about then it’s not even summer yet!?!?)


You chaps are loving our Dapper Duke range for your fine beards and moustaches. The ladies are finding they make great gifts too. Did you know the girls do gift vouchers too? Just ask at the till. The girls also now have a range of scented candles especially developed for them by Tangled Vine.


A new range of wrapping paper from the Art File has arrived too and is proving really popular. I’ve heard a few customers mention that it’s too nice to wrap a parcel with so they are going to frame it!


Remember too if you have an event there is some amazing clothing upstairs. We have Throwback with plaid shirts, denim, corduroy, aran sweaters and more. Maggie Ann Vintage with reproduction clothing in all sizes including a fab 40’s tea dress just in, Chaps of Distinction with jackets, hats, cravats, ties, shoes braces and Tussies. Grace Face Boutique with her gorgeous handmade dresses for adults and children (can also be made to order) and of course the lovely Ann with her cute handmade clothing.


Right that’s enough from me for now Tally Ho peeps xxx


Spring has Sprung!


Well hello from a spruced up No.38. I can confirm I am all snugly now. The lovely man from Scotland who the girls borrow me from has put in some new efficient heating. I am well chuffed and so are all you lovely customers when you pop in now.


Been doing a bit of eavesdropping as you do when you are a building like me and I heard about all the antiques fairs the girls and boys go to. It sounds jolly exciting too. They get up at ‘revolting’ hour o’clock to go though. Sometimes they travel miles across the country to source the gorgeous goodies within my walls. Several of them went to Peterborough over the Easter weekend for a treasure hunt but I do know they also go to Lincoln, Newark, Ardingley, London and some even pop over the channel. It doesn’t stop there though, once they have acquired the items they have to clean and restore them which depending on the condition can take many hours of labour. The big items of furniture get delivered by the fairies I’m sure because there is no way the girls could hump some of those items around!?!


Our lovely handmade items also take hours to get ready and I’m certain they don’t add their hours to the final cost. We all do what we do in the emporium because we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a happy place to be with lots of squeals when new stock comes in. You should have heard the noise last week when all our silversmiths popped new shiny bits in!


The girls have so many clever people in the shop, with loads of original ideas. Have you seen Twinkle n Things in the cubby holes downstairs? Did you know Ava and Arthur could make you a mermaid tail blanket? Sew Rosie Sew can do you a cushion for any occasion and Tangled Vine can make candles to order for weddings etc. Fancy a frock? Ask the girls about Grace Face Boutique. On top of all this there is pottery by Andrew and Stained glass by Dawn. Sparkle at Home have some fab children’s items in at the mo. Did you know Greg from the Outhouse will do commissions too? Fancy a big light up wooden ‘B’ just ask. I think the emporium has something for everyone don’t you?


Well I’m about to sign off as Alex is on her way to fling my doors open but just a quickie…….what is it about spring that makes you all want to paint? Frenchic furniture paint is proving so, so popular the girls have put two orders in last week. Well as they say Spring is in the air, toodle pip I’m off now xxx